I feel there are many hidden things in the world, this is my basic departure point of making works. 

  Especially I am interested in city space. I want to show new recognition of city space and enjoyable ways to spend in there.

  My works work as the additional line to know city space. The additional line is a way to solve geometry question. It visualizes invisible things or relations, and guides to solution. My works also visualize things which we do not notice in city space.


  There are so many overlooked things around us. This feeling relations with my memory. When I was a kid, I made many astronomical telescopes by assembling many types of lenses. The most exciting point was I could watch many stars or nebulas which I couldn't watch them with naked eyes, and I noticed I was surrounded by many invisible things and phenomenon. This feeling links to my works.

  Heading is one of a basic soccer technique. Contemporary soccer game started in England. It had a simple rule, to carry a ball without using hands to the goal. One day a man came up with to use head on soccer game. Head, a wonderful resource, was rediscovered. Of course, we know human have a head, but head needed to be rediscovered. At first it seemed very strange but gradually to use head becomes an indispensable technique. There must be many unknown resources around us. I believe well known town is needed to be rediscovered.


  Fieldwork is done in initial process of my work. Density of fieldwork will divide the work will success or failure. Fieldwork shows me hidden things. And it teaches me where and how I should draw additional lines in the city space.  


  Humor is an important element in my work and it relations with my personal character. I think humor emerges when we notice an unexpected element in well-known things. Humor is not only pleasant but also it gives us unusual viewpoint. One role of art is to show a new way to see the world, also humor shows unknown side of familiar things. I believe art has close relationship with humor. Humor element works well in art.


  In Berlin, I made Window ping pong. Its width was just window's width, it was installed between my room and street. Basically, this work is made of three elements. First is blithe and enjoyable behavior. Fieldwork gave me hints. Berliners were using streets very selfishly and freely, and really enjoying being on there. Their behaviors inspired me strongly. Second is body in city space. The third is to reinterpret role of window. I changed window as social space. I tried to make enjoyable aura by putting active human bodies on it.


  My works are not changing the place extremely, like when huge architectures are built in a town. But small my activities intervene townscape gradually. Works are installed the place temporarily. But I am trying to remain enjoyable feeling, the work's concept and way to make new relationship between people and spaces in people's mind. And I hope works will encourage people to behave more freely in city space. Works of energy are surprising; "I have never imagined I can use and enjoy here like this! ". This enables my works to communicate with people.


 My works aim to visualize hidden things in city space. I pursue to change feeling of the world.