Studio jean + youkobo art space

We are in Hammer head studio Yokohama Japan.

Our studio is B-16


We are an artistic team based in Hammer-head Studio ShinMinatoku, Yokohama. Promoting a new stimulating form of art through various art engagements. We are a team made up of artists, curators and galleries and formed in 2012 taking the concept of “connect” and “city” as our core principles. Each member has their own individual project, and while I am investigating “the possibility of new sports utilizing the urban space of Yokohama”, while others are engaging in a consideration of the “private spaces of the city”, “the sound of the city” and “the gaps in urban space”, developing projects in an array of directions.

  The central theme of “connect” reflects the intention of the team to function as a “connector”, joining people to people, art and the public, art and the city of Yokohama. Furthermore many of the members are active upon an international platform and so it is also our aim to connect beyond Japan where we also hope to develop our activities. For 2013 we are planning a program which connects inspiring international art professionals with our team, Hammer-head Studio and Yokohama city.


  Hammer-head Studio was established in 2012 and is run by Shinko Pier Association and BankART1929.It is a program which holds a deep affinity with the vision of Yokohama city and its cultural policy.

  The use of studio space at Hammer-head Studio is limited to 2 years but our team are engaging in projects which will continue to develop into the long term future.

Hammer head studio
Hammer head studio
2013 07
Hammer head in rainy season