This work focus on dirt that are in the city. To search dirty wall connected me detail of urban space. I brush wall and that form were real size creature. A brush combined me and suburb of Tokyo.

  Core of this work is rediscovery familiar scenery. To walk with brash make me feel surface of city. Brush change connection between me and city.


This was made in residency program in Youkobo art space that was locate in typical suburb area in Tokyo Japan. 

  This works focus on animal in the urban space. There are many wild cats in the city in Japan. Situation of this installation is that two cats came into gallery from outside, acted violently inside for four days, and leave for town again. There are many animal that we can not meet usually, they consist one of layer in city. At first audience found messy view inside gallery, and they can watch videos. That recorded process of mess up the room by security camera.

This work is made in Santa Fe USA 2014.

In this work I focus relationship body and space.